New Avengers #27 (2012)

written by Brian Michael Bendis
art by Mike Deodato

This comic kind of hits on something that always bothered me about the “with great power” line, cause in Amazing Fantasy #15, Uncle Ben never said that. The kooky silver age Stan Lee narrator did. It doesn’t really make sense to me that people keep attributing it to Uncle Ben himself. Why would it be Uncle Ben’s mantra? Who talks like that? What kind of blue collar 70 year old man from New York talks like that? And does Peter really need to hear it prior to letting the burglar escape and kill Uncle Ben for the lesson to really sink in? What, would he just have gone on oblivious to the fact that he did something wrong because he’d never had the notion of doing the right thing when you have the capacity to do so summed up for him in a cute little catchphrase?

(I don’t mean to suggest that Ultimate Spider-man isn’t great or that Sam Raimi’s Spider-man isn’t one of the most perfect superhero movies ever made, I’m just sayin’ it’s weird. I got opinions, man. I dunno.)


Anonymous asked:

I have a question. My sister went to India recently and said local men gave her and her friends bindis and saris to wear for free, I just want some insight into why they would do this. I was naturally outraged when I saw her in a bindi in pictures, and even after she told me this I still think it was wrong to do, I just want to know why they would do something like that, can someone give insight to why locals would endorse such blatant appropriation of their own culture?

culturalappropriationon answered:

Because they were nice and wanted them to fit in? 


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